Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ The Designers Republic™


This exhibition takes a closer look at the The Designers Republic™ large scale design installation Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ on Sheaf Street (opp. Railway Station) commissioned for Sheffield Design Week 2014 this summer. The exhibition showcases related material and prints, there is also an opportunity to create your own AVPG print.

Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ are ideas and fictions snatched from the ether, filtered and forged into concrete logic nets and rationalised parameters, and fizzed out into endless possibilities approaching not knowing. Archived, evaporating and forgotten, they map the slippery echoes of our memories becoming history. They are the marks we make, the liberties we take and the fingerprints we leave.

These marks are a series of sequential elements originally imagined for the Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ supernova — what you think you see here is the DNA of motion standing still when change becomes the norm. Yes, that’s right — they are moments in time.

Each is hand crafted, or found readymade — inspired by rather than borne of technology crashing. One story is that Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ are extensions of The Designers Republic™’s Oversteps project designed to fail to draw the perfect circle. If you like, they represent glitched dreamscapes, or digital organic technology disintegrating the science of what is into the coded possibilities of what if. Certainly they are ghosts in the machine, substance free altered states and/or humanish scan codes captured somewhere between random and design.

AVPG™ Talk – Ian Anderson from The Designers Republic™ will be discussing the AVPG Project from 6.30 – 7.15pm at Cantor Building, Sheffield Hallam University.

Friday 21st November 6.30pm – 7.15pm

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Design & Craft Gallery
Yorkshire Artspace
Persistence Works
21 Brown Street
S1 2BS

Opening Times:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
12.00am – 6pm
11.00am to 4.00pm

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