Möbius 1.00 – Owen Waterhouse


If you like steel, design and innovation (and who doesn’t?)  then we would strongly recommend visiting MADE NORTH to see Möbius 1.00 by Owen Waterhouse. The piece is on extended loan to be part of Sheffield Design Weekender.

Möbius 1.00 was created to mark the 100th anniversary of the discovery of stainless steel in the City of Sheffield by Harry Brearley, Galvanize Sheffield & Outokumpu commissioned Owen Waterhouse to create a unique structure, which celebrates the heritage and future of steel production in Sheffield.

100 unique water jet cut profiles create an enclosed yet skeletal, elegant sculptural form influenced by the single-sided form of the Möbius strip and the centenary of the discovery of stainless steel. The form echoes the new logo of Outokumpu, a never-ending circle and emphasises the recyclable nature of stainless steel.

An abundance of finer internal patterns relate each profile to the next. These patterns are based on the microstructure of austenite stainless steel. As the observer approaches the object their eye is encouraged to explore the finish and shapes, which illustrate the beauty and flexibility of stainless steel.

The sculpture is cut using advanced water jet technology from 316 Stainless Steel and measures approximately 800mm by 800mm by 400mm and weighs 41kg.

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Design & Craft Gallery

Yorkshire Artspace
Persistence Works
21 Brown Street
S1 2BS

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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11.00am to 4.00pm
Saturday 12.00am – 6pm
Admission is free

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+44 07958 367808

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