Morphogenesis – Ross Gilbertson


The “Morphogenesis” exhibition and story comes directly from Ross Gilbertson’s fascination with making things; in the materials and processes involved. In particular his experiments in lost wax Bronze casting.

The beginnings of the story came to Ross while looking at a simple wax shape, – a spiral cone that he thought looked like a fish. So he added fins and gave a name. Influenced by the many wildlife programs on the television in his childhood, and numerous visits to the Natural History Museum, this then became “The Bronze Auger-Tail Fish” complete with life story and glass cabinet. So then began the Morphogenesis story.

As a somewhat obsessive ‘Maker’, Ross found that the act of creating one piece, tends to generate more ideas. The many individual processes involved in casting bronze, and particularly the inevitable flaws and errors that he saw in the part-made pieces and resulting castings, gradually extended and expanded the story, and in turn the story has generated more and more ideas for pieces to make.

Morphogenesis continues to grow…….

Ross Gilbertson has had his studio at Yorkshire Art Space since 1994. He is a multi material artist working with wood, metals, ceramics and found objects. During his Morphogenesis exhibition at Made North he will be delivering Creative Bronze Workshops enabling people of all abilities to produce their own cast metal sculptures in either Bronze or Silver which are ideal as original and unique Christmas presents.

Workshops: Beginners Bronze Sculpture

Make a small sculpture or a piece of jewellery and take it home in Bronze or Silver. Ross Gilbertson will be running beginners Bronze Sculpture workshops on two Saturdays in November (29th) and December (13th) from his studio at Yorkshire Artspace. This will be an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to make a small sculpture out of wax, which will be cast in Bronze or Silver for you to take home.

The workshops will be on two Saturdays, the first on 29th November, the second 13th December. The workshops will run from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

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Yorkshire Artspace
Persistence Works
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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11.00am to 4.00pm
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