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It’s like clubbing for thinkers…
…inspiration for the creative class…
…a business social that’s more a night out…
…it’ll get your heart skipping and your mind racing!

Vol#16 – ‘Pushing the Envelope’ Speakers

Professor Vanessa Toulmin – Sovereign Spectacle Marvel
Jedde de Vries – Majestic Flow Orchestrator – ‘Capoeira Specialist’
Tom Pepper – Cybernetic Merchandise Cultivator
Felicity Hoy – Combined Realm Catalyst
John Wilson – Dream Space Architect
Liam Garcia – Formidable Spirit Provider

‘Pushing the Envelope’

From the crazies willing to sit aloft a giant firework aiming for the stars, to the Nylon clad, 6ft flying-squirrel-suited adrenaline seekers, leaping from a mountain top…we all know that without those who kick dirt in the face of conventional wisdom, life as we know it, would simply not exist; but what is it drives them to risk it all?

PKNSheff Vol#16 is an exploration of those whom are willing to take the leap of faith, the ones who step up and set out…the pioneers, the misfits and the heretics…the game-changers, the ‘not having this anymore’-ers.

In some way we all know that the ‘what if’ and ‘just maybe’ that resides somewhere deep inside is possible; yet so few ever quite manage to ante up and dive in. The desire in the darkness will always linger, but the risk-vs-rewards are weighed and peering into the infinite void with no idea of what might happen, the dream gently fades once more!

Do those ‘that do’ have an ability to see things differently?
How are they so willing to fall, only to get back up again and again…until they overcome the odds?
What makes the brave and the bold test the boundaries of the possible, find the limits of what can be done and push themselves beyond?

Join us on Thursday 20th November to discover why something out-of-reach is not unreachable; that if you can suspend doubt and disbelief long enough you can discover what we’re all really capable of…come remind yourself that you are not made of glass and can achieve anything you dream of.

Venue Info:

Sheffield University Students’ Union
Western Bank
S10 2TG


£6* Standing / £9* Seated / £MOTD
* plus booking fee

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