Press Pause Play

“We’re at an artistic crossroads, says the documentary Press Pause Play. Technology means it’s never been easier to create, to push out a little piece of oneself and share it with the world. But that ease has created a landscape where the haystack is gigantic and the needles still relatively sparse.”

“The Human Spirit, when it’s Allowed to become made manifest through  art, invariably is going to create greatness. It almost doesn’t matter what the medium is,… When Humans make things, they tend to make interesting things… The danger is people becoming comfortable with mediocrity” 
—MOBY, Artist


The digital revolution of the last decade has released creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, unleashing unlimited creative opportunities. But does democratized culture mean better art, film, music and literature or is true talent instead flooded and drowned in the vast digital ocean of mass culture? Is it cultural democracy or mediocrity?

This is the question addressed by PressPausePlay, a documentary film containing interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era.


Film Info

Date: Wednesday 25th June
Venue: Stoddart Lecture Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University
Time: Start 3pm

Director: House of Radon
Subject: Digital Culture
Runtime: 81 mins
Language: English

Venue Info

Stoddart Lecture Theatre
Stoddart Building
Sheffield Hallam University
City Campus
S1 2ND

The Stoddart Building is across from the Novotel Hotel.

If you are travelling direct from the station, it is a short walk up the pedestrianised Howard Street to
the main road (Arundel Gate) at the top. You will see the Novotel in front of you. The Stoddart
Building is on your left.

Contact Info

0114 225 5555

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