Prosthetic Possibility: Towards a Strategy of Extraordinary Design


This is an experimental form of product design. Concerned with identity – mine, yours, theirs, its… individually, collectively, socially. Exploring duality and alternative function through narrative, metaphor, surprise, invention… disinformation. Provocative and playful.

This exhibition has been created by Darren Richardson, Artist/Designer based at Yorkshire Artspace. He says about the work

‘The work invites active engagement, seeking to undermine complacent attitudes… the possibility of the improbable. This is an expression of my disillusionment with… (product design entwined with) consumerism, advertising, and over-production… democracy and the continuation of government… institutional practice. An antidote to (my dissatisfaction with) the (almost) exclusive use of my accumulated skills and knowledge to facilitate the work of others. A celebration of my (rediscovered) joy in the tactile processes of development and fabrication… thinking through making… appropriation, adaptation, collection… lists.’

Set within the context of design for health, prosthetic possibility is a promotion of emotional and physical wellbeing, a dialogue, a pathway to salvation… it represents the beginning of a strategy of extraordinary design.


Exhibition: Wednesday 17 June  – Saturday 1 August

Gallery open:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  12noon-5pm
Saturday 11am-4pm

Venue Info

Persistence Works
21 Brown Street
S1 2BS

Contact Info

Telephone: 07958 367808

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