Sheffield Design Week – Virtual Design Pub Quiz


The nights are getting brighter and there seems to be a spring in our steps as we march towards another great summer of design in Sheffield!  We thought we would sharpen your design brains and get you in training for the 13-21 June when Sheffield Design Week will take place. 

Everyone loves a Pub Quiz!  Well what about a quiz about design, and what if the quiz master was Ian Anderson from  The Designers Republic™ who has devised 20 quiz questions to celebrate last years Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ huge hoarding take over on Sheaf Street, Sheffield? 

We know what you’re thinking, there’s not a pub big enough to fit the 1000s of people wanting to take part, right? Wrong! the pub in question is a virtual one and open to a global audience, no dress code, pets allowed etc and we encourage you get in the mood by opening a few cans, rip open a pack of pork scratchings and play along.

How to play: When & Where
The quiz will take place on Twitter across Thursday 26th, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th of February and Sunday 1st of March. Four nights of 5 questions, the questions will be posted promptly on the hour from 5pm-9pm each night.
Follow @Sheffdesignweek and use #SDWQ when answering questions

Rules and Regulations: How you win
Everyone is eligible to enter and win prizes (accept employees of The Designers Republic™ / MADE NORTH / Sheffield Design Week)
The winner of the quiz will be the person who answers correctly FIRST the most times.

What do tweets make – PRIZES
We have four great prizes to win:

The Designers Republic™ (Made) North of Nowhere™ Limited Edition Print
Complete with glow in the dark Shandy line!


TDR™ AVPG™ T-shirt & Tote Bag

The perfect prize for the TDR™ obsessive in your life. These are part of a limited edition run of AVPG™ Totes & Tees produced for TDR™s AVPG™ Night event held on Friday 21st November at various locations across Sheffield for Sheffield Design Weekender.



Ticket to the Sheffield Design Week Conference on June 19th 2015

Good luck and don’t forget to follow @sheffdesignweek and use #SDWQ when tweeting

When the quiz is over, we will arrange with the winner the best way to receive their prizes.

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Use #SDWQ when answering questions

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