Session #2 -Jessi Baker – Provenance

Jessi Baker – Founder of Provenance

Jessi is an Art and Science hybrid, she has a Master’s in Engineering from Cambridge University and in Design from the Royal College of Art. Across the US and Europe, she has worked with brands on technology and digital design strategy including Adidas, The Four Seasons, The Guggenheim Museum, Will.I.Am, British Airways and Louis Vuitton. She is an associate researcher at the Intel Institute for Sustainable Cities. Jessi is a regular speaker at conferences and tech events on the subject of Future Technology and Social Impact.

A graduate from Telefonica’s Wayra incubator and supported by the Open Data Institute, Provenance has recently received funding from both the Technology Strategy Board and the European Union as well as angel investment.

Provenance is one of the first projects to build on revolutionary blockchain technology to log and trace the life-cycle of products. This technology means a step change for the authenticity of information about the origin of products. There is massive potential for this new digital technology to enable every product to come supercharged with a seamless digital passport that empowers the secure sharing of information about the product’s origin.

For the first time, customers will have access to truly reliable information giving them the choice to purchase original products manufactured under fair conditions.


Twitter: @ProvenanceHQ
Twitter: @jessibaker


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