Session #3 – Danny Antrobus – Open Data

Danny Antrobus – The Better with Data Society

Danny Antrobus is the co-founder of The Better with Data Society, founded in January 2014 as a social enterprise to build on the long-standing work of the open data community in Sheffield through the Open Data Sheffield group.

Their aim is to increase civic engagement with data, through work with data publishers to increase the amount of open data available across Sheffield city region, and to work with the people and organisations who can make good use of data to improve social, economic and cultural life in the region. The Better With Data Society is the host organisation for ODI Sheffield, the Sheffield city node for the Open Data Institute. 2015 has seen them collaborate with Sheffield City Council to make the air in Sheffield better with open data through their ‘Air Quality+’ open data initiatives.

Twitter: @dantrobus

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