Session #2 – The New Maker Economy

Makerspaces, fablabs, and community workshops are experiencing huge growth across the country, increasing from just a handful ten years ago to nearly a hundred across the country today. What opportunity do they hold for designers and how can technology create opportunities?

Chris Dymond – Session Host
Digital producer / Strategist

Chris is an independent digital producer, strategist and innovation specialist, who splits his time between project work, consultancy and producing events and workshops on technology-related topics. He has been working in digital media and technology for over 20 years, managing digital projects for some of the world’s biggest firms. Chris has recently led an effort to develop a ‘Smart City’ strategy for Sheffield, he also co-produces the annual TEDxSheffield event and is a director of a new kind of school that offers specialist curricula in both engineering and creative digital media.

Twitter: @chrisdymond

Speakers include:

Jessi Baker 

Founder of Provenance

Jessi is an Art and Science hybrid, she has a Master’s in Engineering from Cambridge University and Design from the Royal College of Art. Across the US and Europe, she has worked with brands on technology and digital design strategy including Adidas, The Four Seasons, The Guggenheim Museum, Will.I.Am, British Airways and Louis Vuitton. She is an associate researcher at the Intel Institute for Sustainable Cities. Jessi is a regular speaker at conferences and tech events on the subject of Future Technology and Social Impact.

A graduate from Telefonica’s Wayra incubator and supported by the Open Data Institute, Provenance has recently received funding from both the Technology Strategy Board and the European Union as well as angel investment.

Provenance is one of the first projects to build on revolutionary blockchain technology to log and trace the life-cycle of products. This technology means a step change for the authenticity of information about the origin of products. There is massive potential for this new digital technology to enable every product to come supercharged with a seamless digital passport that empowers the secure sharing of information about the product’s origin.

For the first time, customers will have access to truly reliable information giving them the choice to purchase original products manufactured under fair conditions.

Website: &
Twitter: @jessibaker


Paul Beech
Co Founder Pimoroni

Paul is a designer, hacker & maker. He is one half of Pimoroni, the company most known for the creation of the Pibow case. He designed the Raspberry Pi Logo, launched the UK’s first kickstarter – the PiCade – and became the design lead for the Foundation. As well as researching and developing award-winning work in Interactive DVD1, Paul works with the GIST Foundation to spread geek knowledge. He wants everyone to be able to understand, hack, reuse and recycle the things around them.

Twitter: @guru


Andrew Sleigh
Researcher, writer and producer

With a background in design and grassroots innovation, Andrew discovered the Maker Movement 5 years ago and never looked back. Co-founding the UK’s first community-run ‘Mini’ Maker Faire in Brighton in 2011, he’s seen first-hand the rise of this global phenomenon, and has been investigating, documenting and enabling makers ever since. With an interest in the personal, social and economic impact of making, Andrew has consulted for the likes of O’Reilly, Royal College of Art, and Samsung, as well as developing events and services in the aim of his own mission – to make more makers. Andrew was one of the researchers on Nesta’s recent UK makerspaces mapping project, which set out to create a comprehensive snapshot of the state of makerspaces in the UK in 2015.

Twitter: @andrewsleigh

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